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The mission of TLDR is to evolve the DeFi space by generating new research and implementing existing research through a conference and fellowship.

TLDR Fellowships

About the Fellows Program

The Fellowship program is for engineers, academics and students who want to shape the future of decentralized finance. As a Fellow, you’ll receive a salary and intellectual support to fully immerse yourself in the world of DeFi while crafting your own unique journey.

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Meet the Research Council

At the heart of the TLDR Conference and Fellowship program is our Research Council, composed of thought leaders and DeFi experts, dedicated to guiding fellows in their research journeys.

Sarah Allen

Flashbots, IC3
Governance, DAOs, voting schemes, decentralized identity, all things MEV, and empirical studies and attacks for any of the above

Guillermo Angeris

Head of research at Bain Capital Crypto
optimization, cfmms, probability

Tarun Chitra

Gauntlet, Robot Ventures
Convex Optimization, CFMMs, MEV, Auctions, Spin Glasses

Theo Diamandis

PhD student at MIT and researcher at Bain Capital Crypto
Optimization, Convex Analysis, MEV, CFMMs

Matheus Venturyne Xavier Ferreira

Harvard Postdoctoral Fellow
AI, Algorithmic Economics and Security

Assimakis Kattis (Aki)

New York University
zero-knowledge proof design and development, distributed systems, consensus protocols and ZKP mechanism design

Ariah Klages-Mundt

Superluminal Labs
Design and analysis of DeFi mechanisms (including stablecoins, AMMs, oracles, governance systems), modeling economic security, modeling risk and contagion in DeFi protocols

Jason Milionis

Columbia University
decentralized mechanism design, game dynamics, auction design, algorithmic game theory

Raphaela Sapire

Uniswap Foundation
MEV + Oracle research implemented as hooks on Uniswap v4, Flashloan/sandwich auctions, Routers, Incentive Design

Danning Sui

MEV, DEX, Data Research
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The Uniswap Foundation has committed up to $3,000,000 over the next 3 years to DeFi Research.

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